Hi all,

I went to see the Celtics play the Lakers today. I am a Bostonian, and anytime the C’s play against the Lakers; it is a BIG DEAL! The game was a last minute decision, so the seats weren’t ideal but I had a blast. I am not a huge sports fan. The only sports that I can actually get into and really watch are boxing and ultimate fighting. I can never really sit and watch basketball or football on tv. ¬†However, I love the ambiance of live sporting events and watching games at sports bars. There’s something about being amongst a cheering crowd. The announcers, the concession stand and the antics of the fans all make live sporting events the place to be. What sports are you all into? Are there any big rivalries in your state? Enjoy the pics!

I was unsure if I should go with the shoe or the bootie. Notice the green and white for my Celtics!

Jazz trio?? They kind of reminded me of something I would see in Haiti or New Orleans.

Ray Allen, or Ray Ray as I affectionately call him. Oh, I settled on the booties.

Yes, it’s THAT serious!

It was a little dull at this point, so I took some OOTD pics.

The fans are 1/2 of what makes the game fun.



I guess he thought we were cool enough to take a picture with?

Loved this shirt!!! I may not follow basketball, but I follow celebrity gossip.

Enough said!


Blouse: H&M; Jeans: JC Penny; Booties: Arden B