Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful, dedicated and hardworking moms. I am often left in awe at some of the awesome moms that I have met in my lifetime. They are an inspiration to everyone that they meet.

I technically am not a fan of most holidays, but I did send flowers to my stepmom and I took my good friend out for lunch. I am her son’s godmother. She and I have been friends for quite some time and we share a very similar story, which has helped bond us over the years. My friend didn’t want to be photographed, because she didn’t know that she should look nice for our lunch date. This is the part where I roll my eyes, Hello!! How long has she known me? I wouldn’t take her to McDonald’s for lunch, and she knows that I am almost always “overdressed”. So enjoy the pictures of yours truly and our lunch picks.

I took her to Ledge, a casual dining restaurant in Dorchester. Their menu is a bit small, but I can usually find something I like.



I settled on a turkey burger


She had a strawberry puree martini, and I had the mango mint mojito.


My meal wasn’t quite to my liking, but I was hungry so of course I ate to my heart’s content.


I can’t believe people still stare when I pose for pictures in random places, lol.


I love my new wedges, this is my first pair of black wedges and these babies are snazzy.


These bangles are proving to be my new faves. I love how they look like some traditional Indian bangles.


I was not particularly sold on the mullet dress/skirt, also known as the hi low dress/skirt. That was until my eyes fell upon this little beauty. I love the vibrant blue and the pleated skirt.

Outfit Details

Blazer: H&M, Dress: Marshalls, Wedges: Aldos, Bangles: F21



My friend wanted to get some action shots of me strutting/skipping then I noticed we had an audience. I’m still not used to the audience factor of blogging.


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