Free? I Like Free!

Hi all!

I am starting a new segment on this here little blog. I think we all tend to get bogged down by the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, I think it s extremely important to sit and appreciate the little things that life hands, places or throws our way. I am calling this segment Mai High of the Week.

Mai High of the Week was getting free passes to a comedy show. I love comedy, theater and anything else that involves me spending my hard-earned money to have fun with friends. I received an email almost two weeks ago  from Ticketmaster offering me complimentary tickets to Gary Gulman’s show at the Wilbur Theatre. However, because I am a jaded procrastinator, I didn’t rush to the site to get the tix. I just knew there had to be a catch. Silly me. The only catch was the .75 cent handling fee for each ticket. I being the good friend that I am invited a couple of my friends to come with. But wait, it gets better. I got a call and email from Ticketmaster telling me that the show was going to be taped!!!! OMG, I’ve never been to a show taping! When we got there, we were escorted to the front, like literally I could see almost every pore and freckle on the comedian’s face. What was your high of thee week? Enjoy the pics, and thanks for stopping by!

My “I’m down” crew. They’re always down for last minute fun with me.

I’d love to find out the significance of the nickel as the backdrop to the stage.

Cheers to fun times and good friends!

Apparently this guy is famous? He hosts Property Virgins?

Now on to the outfit.

Can you feel my excitement? They made me wear my friend’s jacket because my white T would be a problem on the camera. I was stinking hot!

I’m not too crazy about my T, I would have preferred a v neck.

Big hair don’t care right?

Tassels & a gold cuff.

Loving these simple yet versatile oxfords.

Outtake: Hold on let me fix myself.


T: Target; Skirt: Gap; Oxfords: F21; Necklace: Arden B; Cuff: H&M


3 thoughts on “Free? I Like Free!

  1. I absolutely love this outfit! I would definitely wear every piece you have on! And the hair I can get used to this! (you know I gotta give a little hairstylist advice) LOL love this look on you, the curly fro suits you well!

    xoxo Ty

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