Mary Who? Mary Kay

Hello all,

My coworker, a Mary Kay consultant asked me to host a Mary Kay party. I am not very familiar with Mary Kay products outside of a couple of body and hand lotions. I figured this would be a great opportunity to get some of my girls together to get pampered, gab about men and nibble on fruit and cheese while drinking wine.

It was a fun time indeed. The wine, fruit and cheese spread was delicious. The ladies had a great time getting to know each other and we had some very vibrant conversations about our dating lives. Enjoy!


Pre makeover, look how sad I am without Mary Kay in my life.


Wow, my life has improved drastically! Thanks Mary Kay! Lol.

Mmm, wine! It does a body good.

Honeydew melon, chocolate covered strawberries, yellow & red apples, spicy beef sausage, a melange of cheese (brie, camembert, gouda) and artisan bread. Dig in ladies!

Testing out the products.

Munchies and wine make them happy!

Kim and Charlotte have the most gorgeous skin!!

Bon appétit K!

Take home goodies to thank the ladies for coming out. I got this idea for chocolate dipped pretzels from Lexy’s blog.

Outtake: If I’m not talking, I’m eating lol.


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