Always dressed up


Hope you guys and gals are all well. Not too many words today. I am really loving the sequins trend right now. Although I don’t have much sequins in my closet, sequins just seem to be something that liven up any outfit. This is what I wore to work today.

Looks as if I’m wishing on a star

Who knew this Mr. T-esque gold chain would become such a staple!

The little girl in me loves everything sequined!

We don’t have a dress code at work, so I am almost always “overdressed”. However, I don’t consider myself overdressed or dressed up. I like to look nice and I don’t think I should save my clothes for some special event; especially since I spend 5 days a week and 8hrs a day at my weekday job.

Love, love these wedges. So chic & cute. Love the various textures.

Are you ever made to feel as if you’re always overdressed, or are your friends, coworkers and family into fashion and style too?

Blooper: When checking yourself out goes wrong lol.

Top: Sears; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Aldos


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