“Bright sunshiny day”

Welcome, welcome. How goes it?

Today was an interesting day. I woke up craving some Haitian beef patties and akasan/AK100 which is a cornmeal milkshake aka creamy goodness! What better way to start your day then with your favorite foods?

I never quite know what to do with my legs when posing lol. #stylebloggerwoes

I LOVE this shirt. I got it from Banana Republic on sale of course. The material is so awesome and the stripes are beyoutiful! I love stripes. It also fits me really well.

Trying to invest in quality items

Oh and what about these jeans? Yes they are as bright in person. I was pretty slow jumping on the colored denim train, but now I’m a huge proponent. I wanted these jeans so badly that I bought them even though they are two sizes too big. I did try to shrink them in the dryer but it still gapes a bit at the waist.

Have you ever purchased an item of clothing knowing that it would’nt fit, but you were determined to make it work anyway oh so y’all are gonna act like I’m the only one?

Shirt:Banana Republic; Jeans: Delia’s; Shoes: Old Navy


Mai High of the Week


I hope everyone had a great week! I’m back with this week’s Mai High of the Week. This one could be a high or a low, but I’m choosing so look at the glass as half full. So Mai High of the Week is when I learned a very expensive and effective lesson. On Thursday I went on a shopping binge (end of June has best sales) and spent beaucoup amounts of money. Friday, I realized that I had a bill that HAD to be paid. The amount they requested, was more than I was expecting to pay. In fact, the amount they requested was a little over the amount I spent during my shopping binge. Lesson learned, be more fiscally responsible. Expensive lesson, but the point got across.

What about you, what was your high of the week?

Come one come all, and let’s celebrate my new teeth!

Hello! Hello!

After work I met up with some friends to celebrate my new teeth. Yes I did. Listen, I will meet up with friends to celebrate Wednesday ok! Any reason to get together catch up, pig out and drink copious amounts of alcohol is my kind of time. I’ve found that it’s more difficult and expensive to meet with a bunch of people individually, so I bring together friends that I think will get along and make sure they don’t get too close to compare secretsContinue reading

Dante’s Inferno


Hope you’re all doing well. I wore this dress last Thursday. It was a hot and muggy day in the Northeast. I actually don’t mind the heat. I welcome summer with wide open arms. I do however hate and I mean ABHOR, DETEST and LOATHE sweating. Like I’m that weirdo that barely sweats when I’m working out but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t done it in so long. The heat that we had last week was sweat inducing, like as soon as you step outside the oppressive muggy heat envelopes you and seems to act as a magnet for dust to settle on your exposed flesh. Ok, enough of my weather complaints, although I prefer the heat to the cold.

Hoping no one drives by

Continue reading

It’s a date!

Hello hello!
So, I’ve been doing this crazy thing called dating. This stuff is HARD (no pun intended lol). Don’t get me wrong, I have experience in dating. In fact, I love dating. My friends all know me as the woman who is always finding new activities to do, restaurants to dine in and interesting bars in which to quench our collective thirsts. Someone like me is meant for dating. Afterall, I love getting to meet new people and discovering new places to visit in my city. However, and this is a big however; dating sometimes kicks rocks. Now hear me out. A relationship is much like a job. Yes, a job. There are unrealistic expectations set, demands are placed on your time, you feel underpaid and underappreciated. I jest. No, I’m so serious.  Let me explain myself, by illustrating the ways in which relationships are just like jobs. Continue reading

*Tiny Dancer

Hello hello!

Hope you are all well and staying cool. I seem to be the only person that doesn’t mind and dare I say occasionally enjoys this muggy hot weather that we are having here in the Northeast. Ok, maybe not the muggy part, but I prefer summer to fall, winter and spring. Most people say that it is difficult to be stylish in the summer because they are fighting the heat. However I like when it’s hot. I know what to expect. Unlike in the fall, I don’t have to layer all of my outfits with tights and scarves. In the winter, I am lucky if anyone gets a chance to see what I have on. Spring! Geesh don’t get me started. The temperature fluctuates so much that I have to have a sweater or blazer with me at all times. In summary lol, I LOVE getting dressed in the summer.

Yes, I really did just dedicate two paragraphs to the weather.

Pattern mixing can be fun. I loved that the black and white stripes complemented the black, gray and white design on the skirt.

Love the detailing on the belt buckle

I just might have to cheat on my old shoes with the new kid in town. I LOVE these shoes. The bright cerulean hue, cutout design and the cork platform and heel!! Ooo weee!!

Blazer: H&M, Top and Shoes: Marshall’s; Skirt: Target Purse: Aldo

*Elton John song “LA lady, blue jean baby. Seamstress for the band”. The song popped in my head while looking at the shoes. Do you associate any items in your closet with a particular song or chorus?

Brace Face part 2

Hello again!!

Few words today. Overall I had a decent experience as a brace face. I can’t say I loved it though. To me, it was a necessary evil. Let me count the ways in which braces affected my daily living.


  • Finally taking the plunge, because I’ve wanted to “fix” my teeth since I was a child
  • Payment plans
  • Helpful staff who were patient and able to answer all (I had a lot) of my questions
  • Flexibility with appointments
  • My decreasing waistline due to my teeth/gums being sore
  • Having braces at 28 gotdamn years old
  • These torture devices cost over $4000
  • Feeling self conscious about the foods I eat in public
  • The headaches, cuts and sores caused by the braces
  • Lack of appetite due to my teeth/gums being sore Continue reading

Brace Face

*Brace face: (n) – a person with braces

Guess what y’all?! I FINALLY got my braces removed (June 14, 2012)!! Can you hear the excitement in my voice, if not I can TYPE LIKE THIS lol. For those unfamiliar with my orthodontic journey, feel free to read look at my pictures on my old blog. I got braces on October 28, 2010. I decided to get braces because I didn’t like the gaps/spaces in my teeth, and I wanted to have them closed (simple right?). When getting a consultation for braces, they generally tell people that they will be tortured wearing them for two years give or take some months. I was horrified at the prospect, and during every appointment, I made it a point to ask my orthodontist (who is AMAZING by the way) when she thought I could get them removed. While being a brace face, I have heard so many funny (read ignorant, intrusive, dumb, pseudo compliment definitely not ha ha funny) comments about my braces. Continue reading