My (Un)lucky Celtics top

Hello hello!

Hope you all are well. I went to watch the last home game between the Celtics and the Miami Heat with my friend Kim. Before the fellas get too excited, I must warn y’all; I am a new basketball fan. What does that mean you ask? It means that I know next to nothing about the sport. I don’t know the top draft picks. I don’t know who any of the coaches are besides Doc Rivers (does anyone besides Doc Rivers matter anyways) and I only know players who have an interesting story or who have lucrative endorsements. Hey, I guess I’m not so bad after all that’s a pretty impressive list of things that I know I don’t know.

Love this beaded necklace

The stars, cap toe and bow make this such a fun yet feminine shoe.

I’m not a beer drinker, but a local vendor was hosting a beer tasting. Who am I to refuse free alcohol? The watermelon was quite palatable.

Hummus!! I LOVE hummus.

My friend Kim and I decided to watch the game at a sports bar. We settled on Savin Bar and Kitchenin Savin Hill. Neither of us had ever been there but it was in a convenient location and they had decent sized tvs.

Steak and potato pizza, surprisingly good

Since this was our first time here, we were unsure of what to order, but everything was good. The only negative, is that their portions were a bit on the small side.

The calamari was quite tasty

Although the Celtics lost that night, I can’t say the night was a total bust. I met a rather interesting person that evening, and Kim has stories for days about her encounter with a very strange man with crazy eyes lol.

My drink was very weak but my friend’s drink was too strong :/

What sports are you into, or are you like me and you only get into it when it’s a big game?


2 thoughts on “My (Un)lucky Celtics top

  1. I’m not a basketball fan at all. I know nothing about the sport. Now, football? That’s a different story. But I do know that I love this top on you!

    • Lol, I know even less about football but since my city has so many awesome teams (shameless plug) I still get swept in the excitement be it football, hockey, baseball or basketball. Thanks for stopping by Channing!

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