Truth Tuesdays

I have a tendency to settle. There I said it. That is one of my shameful truths. I have settled in past romantic relationships, friendships, jobs, and even in my education. I am afraid of failure so sometimes I just don’t bother to try or challenge myself. I am afraid of rocking the boat and upsetting or disappointing people, so I have in the past continued in relationships (both romantic and platonic) when the expiration date came and left. This is something that I am continuously working on. However, when do the lines between standards and snobbery begin to cross?


5 thoughts on “Truth Tuesdays

  1. They don’t cross. From experience you have to live your life for you. You have to find out what motivates you and go for it unless you’re content with life passing you by?? Which by your blog suggest that you’re not. Take time to focus on yourself and once you figure out your self worth then you will no longer settle.

    • Thanks for commenting. You’re right, I’m not content with life passing me by. I’m slowly claiming things that I believe will bring me happiness/contentment. I’m also learning when to just walk away.

      • No problem. I’m a newbie on here and trying to figure out how this works. lol! That’s the hardest thing to do…walk away. Especially in relationships or friendships but what I’m learning on my journey is to finally concentrate on me. When you do that alot of menial (sp) things don’t/won’t matter and I think you attract people who are proud that you’re marching to the beat of your own drum.

  2. I think a lot of people settle because they are comfortable and like you said, are scared to fail. I’m the same way. I don’t challenge myself as much as I should. I think the first step to challenge yourself is stepping out of your comfort zone.


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