Tropical Music

Hello, hello!

So, I had a date today. (imagine this said to me dancing a jig). We’ll call him LC. This is our 2nd date. The task of planning the date was placed firmly on my dainty shoulders. And boy was it a difficult task, which made no sense because I am always finding mischief to get into with my girls. I think it was hard because LC is still a stranger and I’m still learning what he likes to do and trying to make sure it’s something that I’m into as well. Hence why we’re on a date right there are other nefarious reasons but good girls don’t kiss and tell right?

The back sold me on this dress, how could I not get it?

Whenever I am at a loss for ideas, words or activities, I turn to the handy and trusty worldwide web aka WWW or the internets for those of you born in the 90s. I settled on dinner at the Boston Harbor Hotel. They have themed events several nights a week. On Mondays they host a live band that plays tropical music. LC agreed that it sounded like fun and that he enjoys dancing. Um, pause who said anything about dancing? The only time I dance is when the lights are off and I’ve imbibed in several shots of top shelf adult beverages. Contrary to popular opinion, I am not much of a dancer. I may look like I can get down, but I am that chick that stands on the fringes sipping my drink and texting or tweeting while trying to look cute. Don’t judge me. I do NOT dance with the lights on.

Love this polish Revlon Quick Dry ‘Jaded’ I think.

Note to self: check the weather before planning an outdoor date. It was fahreezing on the Harbor. Luckily I brought my jacket. I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment while walking to the restaurant. I love this dress, however this dress is three pounds away from embarrassing me. It’s one size smaller than what I usually wear because I’m a shopaholic who is all about instant gratification and I refused to accept that I couldn’t have the dress.

The band, not to be mistaken with P. Diddy’s ill-fated group Da Band

The band was good. They’re from the Cape and they covered lots of old songs from Bob Marley (my fave), the Beatles and Marvin Gaye. I don’t think anyone danced. Who wants to risk dancing on a barge on a cold night while drinking? Not I, says Marie.

I wasn’t too impressed with what the menu had to offer. I settled on a roll up (burrito) but it turns out it was vegetarian. Yeah, I’m one of those people who needs meat to feel full. It was very strange not eating meat, mainly because I hadn’t planned on not eating meat. Yes, that is something I would plan for. LC went with the fish and chips. You can tell how uninspiring a menu is if someone orders fish and chips.

Roll up w/ crescent salad

Dress: H&M, Shoes: Aldos

Have you ever planned a date that didn’t go quite how you’d imagined it? Or better yet, what corners have you cut for the sake of an outfit?


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