Brace Face

*Brace face: (n) – a person with braces

Guess what y’all?! I FINALLY got my braces removed (June 14, 2012)!! Can you hear the excitement in my voice, if not I can TYPE LIKE THIS lol. For those unfamiliar with my orthodontic journey, feel free to read look at my pictures on my old blog. I got braces on October 28, 2010. I decided to get braces because I didn’t like the gaps/spaces in my teeth, and I wanted to have them closed (simple right?). When getting a consultation for braces, they generally tell people that they will be tortured wearing them for two years give or take some months. I was horrified at the prospect, and during every appointment, I made it a point to ask my orthodontist (who is AMAZING by the way) when she thought I could get them removed. While being a brace face, I have heard so many funny (read ignorant, intrusive, dumb, pseudo compliment definitely not ha ha funny) comments about my braces.

Examples: “Wow, you have nothing better to do with your money!” “I can’t believe you still smile with those things on.” “Can you kiss with those?” “You look cute with them but I think braces are ugly.” “What about sex, can you… you know?” Um, pause. People really do say the darndest things (but then again we’re the only animals that can speak lol).

I am a big fan of the modern day motto YOLO (popularized by Drake’s hit song Motto), the acronym is short for You Only Live Once. I think if there is something you wish to change about yourself, by all means change it. However, make sure your self esteem and marbles are all intact, otherwise you’ll be dealing with even more issues after you’ve made said change and you realize you still aren’t happy. Ok, enough with my feel good story. Pics are below. Beware, this post is picture and word heavy.







D Day 6/15/12

I will be back tomorrow with the uncomfortable and arduous process that is removing braces.

*definition taken from Urban Dictionary


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