Brace Face part 2

Hello again!!

Few words today. Overall I had a decent experience as a brace face. I can’t say I loved it though. To me, it was a necessary evil. Let me count the ways in which braces affected my daily living.


  • Finally taking the plunge, because I’ve wanted to “fix” my teeth since I was a child
  • Payment plans
  • Helpful staff who were patient and able to answer all (I had a lot) of my questions
  • Flexibility with appointments
  • My decreasing waistline due to my teeth/gums being sore
  • Having braces at 28 gotdamn years old
  • These torture devices cost over $4000
  • Feeling self conscious about the foods I eat in public
  • The headaches, cuts and sores caused by the braces
  • Lack of appetite due to my teeth/gums being sore

The ortho assistant (Marilyn, who is AWESOME by the way) undid the wire holding my teeth in place

One of the most uncomfortable parts. It felt as if she was cracking nuts (my teeth were the nuts). The 2nd uncomfortable part was when she was polishing my teeth; it felt like someone was using sandpaper to file them. Very sensitive, and they kept a steady stream of frigidly cold water in my mouth to wash away the residue.

Look Ma, no more braces; these are the brackets that were cracked off of my teeth.

My new smile

Impressions for my retainers.

We’ll call this one a blooper, I didn’t know that I still had the paste ALL over my darn mouth.

I hope these posts have been informative for those who have considered getting braces or for those who were curious about the process. Feel free to comment or email me (, if you have any questions.

*Shout out to Dr. Hoffman and Marilyn from Gentle Dental in JP!!


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