It’s a date!

Hello hello!
So, I’ve been doing this crazy thing called dating. This stuff is HARD (no pun intended lol). Don’t get me wrong, I have experience in dating. In fact, I love dating. My friends all know me as the woman who is always finding new activities to do, restaurants to dine in and interesting bars in which to quench our collective thirsts. Someone like me is meant for dating. Afterall, I love getting to meet new people and discovering new places to visit in my city. However, and this is a big however; dating sometimes kicks rocks. Now hear me out. A relationship is much like a job. Yes, a job. There are unrealistic expectations set, demands are placed on your time, you feel underpaid and underappreciated. I jest. No, I’m so serious.  Let me explain myself, by illustrating the ways in which relationships are just like jobs.


  1. nerve wracking first interview
  2. you get invited for a second interview things seem to be going well but you’re unsure if you’ll get an offer
  3.  you get an offer and happily accept                                
  4. the perks that they mentioned in the interview now seem like the bare minimum and you feel like your boss is an incompetent overseer                                                                     
  5.  you now hate your job but grit your teeth waste the day away on social networking sites, because you have bills and adult issues like fielding calls from Sallie Mae                                                                  
  1. nerve wracking first date
  2. you accept several more and things seem to be going well but you’re unsure where this is going    
  3. you two decide to date exclusively    
  4. the Adonis who used to wow you with  how attentive, smart and sweet he is, is now a beer swiggin inconsiderate boor         
  5. you dread answering your phone and keep busy but won’t break up because you’re an adult and adults maintain/work on relationships  

So, where was I? Um yes, I love dating but I go through different phases where I am either relationship minded or I am beating away the relationship beast with a stick. When I am in the frame of mind where I would ultimately like to pursue a relationship with a deserving gentleman, I would much rather find out if I’m going to receive an offer from my first choice, instead of going on numerous interviews to fill the time.

*This whole list sounded uber depressing

**I’m an optimist, I swear

So ladies and gents, did I miss anything on my list or am I way off? Chime in!


4 thoughts on “It’s a date!

  1. You end up sleeping with them and it’s AWFUL…do you avoid them like the black plague or just deal with his slacknes
    He calls you entirely too many times during the day…but you don’t know how to tell him to stop

    Great post!

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