*Tiny Dancer

Hello hello!

Hope you are all well and staying cool. I seem to be the only person that doesn’t mind and dare I say occasionally enjoys this muggy hot weather that we are having here in the Northeast. Ok, maybe not the muggy part, but I prefer summer to fall, winter and spring. Most people say that it is difficult to be stylish in the summer because they are fighting the heat. However I like when it’s hot. I know what to expect. Unlike in the fall, I don’t have to layer all of my outfits with tights and scarves. In the winter, I am lucky if anyone gets a chance to see what I have on. Spring! Geesh don’t get me started. The temperature fluctuates so much that I have to have a sweater or blazer with me at all times. In summary lol, I LOVE getting dressed in the summer.

Yes, I really did just dedicate two paragraphs to the weather.

Pattern mixing can be fun. I loved that the black and white stripes complemented the black, gray and white design on the skirt.

Love the detailing on the belt buckle

I just might have to cheat on my old shoes with the new kid in town. I LOVE these shoes. The bright cerulean hue, cutout design and the cork platform and heel!! Ooo weee!!

Blazer: H&M, Top and Shoes: Marshall’s; Skirt: Target Purse: Aldo

*Elton John song “LA lady, blue jean baby. Seamstress for the band”. The song popped in my head while looking at the shoes. Do you associate any items in your closet with a particular song or chorus?


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