Dante’s Inferno


Hope you’re all doing well. I wore this dress last Thursday. It was a hot and muggy day in the Northeast. I actually don’t mind the heat. I welcome summer with wide open arms. I do however hate and I mean ABHOR, DETEST and LOATHE sweating. Like I’m that weirdo that barely sweats when I’m working out but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t done it in so long. The heat that we had last week was sweat inducing, like as soon as you step outside the oppressive muggy heat envelopes you and seems to act as a magnet for dust to settle on your exposed flesh. Ok, enough of my weather complaints, although I prefer the heat to the cold.

Hoping no one drives by

On to the dress. I want to like this dress. I really do. But, this darn dress won’t let me be great. Before lunchtime, I had somehow accumulated beaucoup amounts of stains on this little beauty. These stains included but are not limited to: deodorant, sweat, water, lotion, coconut oil (don’t ask just go with it). To add insult to injury, this little eyesore beauty refuses to unwrinkle even though I ironed it for all of 3 minutes.

Love the ruffles in the front

I buy a lot of dresses from H&M and I am usually in love with the dress. In fact, it’s usually a steal because I refuse to buy anything for full price at H&M. My policy is to wait a week or two and it has usually gone on sale. The most that I’ve spent on an H&M skirt or dress is $20. However, this dress has made me realize the importance of investing in quality pieces. I’m not sure if it’s the cheap material that has made getting stains out of it so difficult, but I need to steer clear of it in the future.

I seem to have forgotten how to pose

Have you all had any issues with certain materials from specific retailers, or am I just messy and careless?

Dress: H&M; Belt &Sandals: Old Navy