Come one come all, and let’s celebrate my new teeth!

Hello! Hello!

After work I met up with some friends to celebrate my new teeth. Yes I did. Listen, I will meet up with friends to celebrate Wednesday ok! Any reason to get together catch up, pig out and drink copious amounts of alcohol is my kind of time. I’ve found that it’s more difficult and expensive to meet with a bunch of people individually, so I bring together friends that I think will get along and make sure they don’t get too close to compare secrets

K&C are the, they’re always down for a good time and sooo supportive!

My girlie Charlo from hs

There is a bar/lounge in downtown called Splash that has an awesome laid back professional ambiance, so I figured it would be a great place for us to hang out after work. The cabanas are lovely, the couches are nice and plush and the white decor on the patio makes you feel like you’re in Miami no Lebron lol.