Being powerful is like be…


Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. – Margaret Thatcher


Wild Thang

Hi everybody! Hope all is well. I’m doing a-okay on my side of the globe. It’s been very warm, which I love. Still rocking my big hair. Not many words today.

I look like I should be in a Foxy Brown movie (Pam Grier, not il na na)

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Truth Tuesdays

Hey folks!!

So here is my truth for today. Although I have some professional aspirations, and there are a lot of things I want to do with my life before I become completely domesticated; I also can’t wait to become a wife and mom.

Keep in mind that I am single as a dollar bill, so this won’t be happening in the immediate future.

I’d love for you folks to join in. What is your truth?

Mai High of the Week

Hello all (waves ecstatically),

I’m back with Mai High of the Week. I had the opportunity to accompany my friend to a comedy event. That sentence sounded so hoity toity lol. Basically my friend won tickets from a radio show to see Mike Epps perform at the Wilbur Theatre. Everyone that knows me knows that I love free. Um, remember this post, and coincidently it was a comedy event as well. I love life’s little surprises.

So tell me kind people, what was your High of the Week?

Tropical Music

Hello, hello!

So, I had a date today. (imagine this said to me dancing a jig). We’ll call him LC. This is our 2nd date. The task of planning the date was placed firmly on my dainty shoulders. And boy was it a difficult task, which made no sense because I am always finding mischief to get into with my girls. I think it was hard because LC is still a stranger and I’m still learning what he likes to do and trying to make sure it’s something that I’m into as well. Hence why we’re on a date right there are other nefarious reasons but good girls don’t kiss and tell right?

The back sold me on this dress, how could I not get it?

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My (Un)lucky Celtics top

Hello hello!

Hope you all are well. I went to watch the last home game between the Celtics and the Miami Heat with my friend Kim. Before the fellas get too excited, I must warn y’all; I am a new basketball fan. What does that mean you ask? It means that I know next to nothing about the sport. I don’t know the top draft picks. I don’t know who any of the coaches are besides Doc Rivers (does anyone besides Doc Rivers matter anyways) and I only know players who have an interesting story or who have lucrative endorsements. Hey, I guess I’m not so bad after all that’s a pretty impressive list of things that I know I don’t know.

Love this beaded necklace

The stars, cap toe and bow make this such a fun yet feminine shoe.

I’m not a beer drinker, but a local vendor was hosting a beer tasting. Who am I to refuse free alcohol? The watermelon was quite palatable.

Hummus!! I LOVE hummus.

My friend Kim and I decided to watch the game at a sports bar. We settled on Savin Bar and Kitchenin Savin Hill. Neither of us had ever been there but it was in a convenient location and they had decent sized tvs.

Steak and potato pizza, surprisingly good

Since this was our first time here, we were unsure of what to order, but everything was good. The only negative, is that their portions were a bit on the small side.

The calamari was quite tasty

Although the Celtics lost that night, I can’t say the night was a total bust. I met a rather interesting person that evening, and Kim has stories for days about her encounter with a very strange man with crazy eyes lol.

My drink was very weak but my friend’s drink was too strong :/

What sports are you into, or are you like me and you only get into it when it’s a big game?

Truth Tuesdays

I have a tendency to settle. There I said it. That is one of my shameful truths. I have settled in past romantic relationships, friendships, jobs, and even in my education. I am afraid of failure so sometimes I just don’t bother to try or challenge myself. I am afraid of rocking the boat and upsetting or disappointing people, so I have in the past continued in relationships (both romantic and platonic) when the expiration date came and left. This is something that I am continuously working on. However, when do the lines between standards and snobbery begin to cross?

Mai High of the Week

Hello!! Mai high of the week was finding a $100 bill while crossing a busy street today. I looked at it, but I was unsure if it was real but I took my chances, grabbed it and ran across the street. It was real, and I split it with my friend.

What was your high of the week? I love hearing from you guys and gals.