Truth Tuesdays

Hello wonderful people. Hope you are all well. Let’s see, for my Truth Tuesday, I must confess that I am excited about life. I’m not sure if it’s because of my much needed vacation or what exactly. I just know that I feel hopeful and I’m eager to find out what lays ahead.

What about you, what is your truth for today?


It’s Only Monday

Hello world!!

I am back in town and being the social butterfly that I am, I couldn’t wait to hang out with my friends. I met up with a friend to chit-chat and catch up during my lunch break. We went to T.G.I.Fridays. Am I the only one that imbibes in a little adult juice during my lunch hour?

All looks, no substance.

I’m not a huge fan of restaurant chains, but I love Fridays for their super-duper cheap eats. They have lots of options and the portions are a good size.

Mmmm Mozzarella sticks!!

I’ve never had Korean bbq and I decided to try it. I should have taken the waitress’ advice and gone with another item. Whenever the wait staff tells you something isn’t popular, you should probably heed their warning. Such an underwhelming dish. Barely any beef and there wasn’t much flavor either.

Yo quiero tacos.


Are you a fan of chain restaurants, if so what are your favorite items on their menu?

Bienvenido a Puerto Plata 5

Buena noches amigos!!

The manman and I went to dinner, and we both coincidently wore white. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pics together. Our last night at the resort.

Food has a way of brightening up my mood


I had a lovely vacation, and I’ll miss my manman terribly, but I’m ready to get back to my regularly scheduled programming. I was happy to be able to give her a nice vacation, because she has always wanted to visit the Dominican Republic. Next vacay for us will definitely be an English or Haitian speaking town or country. Hasta luego & thanks for reading!

Dress: Arden B; Necklace: Aldo Accessories; Sandals: Kohl’s

Bienvenido a Puerto Plata 4

Buenas tardes!

My manman (mom in French & Haitian) and I went swimming, ok she waded and I took pictures but it counts as swimming since I was in the water.


I think someone’s been watching too much ANTM

I laid out and tanned, then took some pictures and …

Bright cover ups are always fun

some more pictures. By the time I got back to our suite I was tired,

Super tanned & pooped but never too tired for pics

but not too tired for pictures.*So about that drink that I brought back with me from the pool. Hey, there are sober people in Puerto Plata I can’t waste alcohol. Bathing Suit: Arden B; Cover up: Old Navy; Sandals: Kohl’s; Hat: Family Dollar

Bienvenido a Puerto Plata 4

Hola amigos,

Another beautifully hot day in the Dominican Republic.

Taking some pictures while waiting for our shuttle to go eat.

I think I got the “hungover chic” look down pat.

This sitting area makes me think of Arizona or New Mexico. The browns and turquoise are so soothing.

Gorgeous!! I just wanted to waste away by the beach all day (sick flow hunh?)!

Maxi Dress: Old Navy; Hat: Family Dollar

Welcome, You Are Home


The vacation is over. The momdukes and I left the Dominican Republic and we are flying to Haiti. From there, I’m taking a flight back to Boston. I enjoyed my vacation, but I actually am looking forward to getting back to my regular routine. A vacation isn’t really fun for me after two weeks. Can’t wait for more family time.

Love her more than anything else in the world

Welcome, You are Home
These words ring very true to me

I don’t know why I am always intrigued by this sculpture

Wrap: H&M; Romper & Sandals: Target; Fedora: F21

Welcome, You Are Home


The vacation is over. Mom dukes and I are heading back to Haiti where I will catch a flight back to Boston. Although I will miss my family, I am glad to be heading back to my normal. My life can be hectic, but after two weeks, a vacation just isn’t as fun anymore.

Love her more than anything in the world


Welcome, You are Home
These words ring very true to me


Bienvenido a Puerto Plata 3


I really enjoy playing games, and I have a pretty competitive nature. The resort has games and activities to suit just about anyone’s interests. I took a golf lesson, and I did surprisingly well. No windows were broken yay!

Faking it cuz I’ll never make it

See that follow through


I’m kinda good at this

My team was kicking ass & NOT taking names, until it was time to

This is where we separate the winners from the losers

swim. I am a nonswimmer. We could have beat the competition other team 10-0 but because of my nonswimming behind, it was 9-0. Whomp whomp!


Top: Marshall’s; Shorts: F21 that I cut up; Bathing suit: H

Bienvenido a Puerto Plata 2


I wasted no time getting to the beach. I played some of the resort games but my mom was being a lazy photog so you can barely see me. There was a sack race and as competitive as I am, I am sad to say that I was on a team of older women who probably had too much to drink and we lost :/.

I think I want to visit an adults only resort the nice time I travel to the Caribbean.

This was taken before my wipeout

The waves were killer, and it didn’t take long before I was forced to get back on land and cool my parched throat. I mean do you know how salty ocean water is?

A relaxing dip and a cold drink makes everything better

Everything was fine until my attempts at posing for pictures swimming  caused my drink to be mixed with pool water. Luckily all drinks are included. Who doesn’t love an open bar!

Cover up & Bathing Suit: H&M