Chocolate Sprinkles

Happy Tuesday folks. Hope you’re well! I don’t have many words today. Super busy work week as I prepare for my vacation to Haiti & Dominican Republic.

I really really like this wrap dress. However, I don’t like that the deodorant stains refuse to wash out. Wrap dresses are a woman’s best friend. I have yet to see a wrap dress that isn’t flattering to every figure. I think they accentuate the positives regardless of if you’re hippy or a lean bean pole :).

Baubles & bijoux galore

Love the mix of bracelets and bangles!


Looking at these shots, I wish I had either taken off the earrings or the choker. I think both is overkill. I also am still undecided about this choker. I don’t like it with my short hair. We’ll see, maybe like a fungus it’ll grow on me.


I do however love my new kaleidoscope/watercolor/paint splatter sandals. The colors are gorgeous and the sandals are surprisingly comfortable.

Do you have any new (to you) goodies in your closet that you’re currently loving?

Dress: Target; Sandals: Marshalls; Choker: Urban Outfitters


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