Truth Tuesdays

Hiya (waves ecstatically),

My truth for today is, drum roll please…

I have a very difficult time saying no to people. My motto has always been “If it doesn’t kill or inconvenience me, and it’s within my capacity to help someone, then I will”. At times, I’ve felt as if friends or family have tried to take advantage of me; so I try not to get into relationships or situations where there is no reciprocity.

What about you blog buddies, what is your truth for today?


4 thoughts on “Truth Tuesdays

    • Jae, I don’t want to diminish your feelings by quoting a Bible verse or an ‘inspirational’ quote; so I won’t. Maybe this hiccup can be used as a time for reassessing your life and mission/purpose?

    • Keep fighting Jae! I believe life is the sum of all experiences, and through those experiences one should grow. That voice inside of you knows what’s best, sometimes we have to silence the outside noise to really hear ourselves.

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