“It’s a Party, It’s a Party” pt 1

Hi you!

So, I don’t know if you folks know this, but I work two full-time jobs. One during the week and the other on the weekend. This basically translates as “I have NO life”. Well that all changed this weekend. I am officially on vacation from my weekend job. Today is my friend Cassandra’s birthday, and since she’s such an awesome person and a great friend to me, I thought that we (her friends & boo) should celebrate her by taking her out to dinner and party I’m a cool friend like that. Her boo and I plotted and schemed contacted her other friends and made reservations for dinner at Osaka. It is a hibachi/sushi Japanese restaurant. Basically they cook the food in front of you. Good times!

First there were 3

My friend Kim and I were the first to arrive. Whenever I am the first to arrive anywhere, I’m shocked. I have no concept of time and am always running late. We ordered drinks, because what better way to wait for the rest of your party then to drink? Chaya and her boo joined us, and of course we had to ham it up for the camera.

Drink 1

I’ve been told that Asian restaurants serve really strong drinks, and I never believed it until that night. Whoa! Those drinks were worth writing home, school and work about.

Free shot of a new drink the bar is testing out you say? Sure why not!

Then our bartender offered us a free shot of a concoction there were thinking of adding to the menu. Who am I to turn down a drink, I mean we were doing a public service by acting as guinea pigs, non?

No need to call an EMT, this is her surprised face.

I love a lot of different Asian cuisine; Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and sometimes Indian. However, in a guise to not be labelled that picky girl who doesn’t eat this or that (I really don’t care for most shellfish or pork dishes), and also because Kim and I were sharing plates, I okayed this dish below. No questions please, because I don’t have a coherent answer.

Don’t ask what this is, had I been sober I wouldn’t have eaten it.

I don’t remember what this J E L L O creation is either. Yet another inebriated culinary decision.

All I know is that the warm sake, sake bomb and vodka squirts washed it all down.

So they squirt vodka in your mouth as your food cooks! Here’s the birthday girl taking one to the head.

Aww to be young and in love 🙂

My girl’s boo who was instrumental in helping to set up her surprise dinner

Ooooh look at all the food!

If you’ve never had a sake bomb, you are missing out.

Sake bomb!! sake bomb!!

Mykal instructing the newbies on how a sake bomb works.

Note to self: Instruct hostess to put ice cream cake in the freezer, so that it doesn’t melt when your party is ready for dessert. In my defense, I’m pretty sure they left it out on the counter, because it wouldn’t have melted that quickly in the refrigerator.

A fool-proof way to blow out your candles without messing up your hair!

Come back for the 2nd part, that’s when we really get the party started.