I Missed My Flight

Bonjou!! Today is my first day in Haiti!!! Can you tell how excited I am? Well after a crazy long flight experience. I finally made it to Port-au-Prince (the capital). Fast forward to look at the shiny pictures if you can do without my complaining.

I’m not sure if you’ve gathered how scatterbrained I can be? Probably not, because I clean up nicely. I’m also someone who likes to get things done, by hook or by crook. Well, I missed my flight. Delta wasnt flying to Haiti until Saturday (not an option). I hadn’t purchased a return ticket yet, so I had Delta change my ticket to a return flight; for a fee of course. Now, I had to figure out how I would get to Haiti without paying $1,800 for a first class seat, or waiting to fly out the next day (Thursday) and arriving on Friday. I went to the other end of the airport only to learn that there were no available seats, I then went to Spirit last resort I swear, because flying Spirit is akin to walking but being charged for jaywalking. Makes no damn sense. I ended up going in to work to use my computer to look for a new flight. I purchased a JetBlue flight to Santo Domingo. Yes, you read that correctly, the Dominican freaking Republic. Oh but wait, there’s more. The flight was leaving from JFK, yes the very same JFK that is in the Big Apple. I took the Chinese bus to Canal Street, hopped on the subway to the airport. Oh did I mention that my original flight was at 5:30? Yeah, so I’d been up since 2am. Arrived in NY around 4:30/5ish. I landed in DR at 1130pm & basically slept, people watched, daydreamed until 7am. When I finally came to, I was able to communicate in my extremely limited Spanish, that I was looking for the airline that flies to Port-au-Prince. Upon realizing that the airline I was looking for was at another airport damn near an HOUR away, I hightailed it outta there. Luckily, I’d already purchased my ticket.

I got to Haiti at 10:30am on Thursday, relieved, amused at my shenanigans and definitely much poorer.

We went to Garden Studios in Petionville to see Stevy Mahy perform. This woman is gorgeous y’all. She was also super sweet and nice. I ended up buying her cd, and I never buy cds. My favorite song, that is on replay all day is “Beautiful”. Unfortunately, a lot of my pics are in my sister’s and cousin’s respective cameras. I’ll update when I receive the pics. 

Stevy Mahy, check her out now, ok maybe after you’re done reading.

Stevy’s performances, in fact everyone’s performances was so beautiful. Soul stirring, melodic. It was such a good night. So chill, fun and low key. Low key is good in my at times hectic life.

Me & my sissy

This girl right here is going to do great things. I can feel it. Very smart, a go getter and she knows what she wants.

What ever shall I do with my legs?

I love this dress. Very thin & short though, in fact the layers barely maintain my modesty lol. You can’t tell from this picture, but it’s also very figure flattering, and that always helps.

So I only brought sandals with me to Haiti. I didn’t want to ruin my heels or have to limp around after a late night out. I actually did a really great job of packing for this trip. I’m usually an over packer, but this time around I only packed a carry on. I brought loads of goodies for my manman and my sissy so the fact that I had lots of clothes to choose from and quite a few items that I didn’t get to wear is a testament to such a great accomplishment. It also didn’t hurt when I was dragging my luggage to and from the train in NY and through Logan, JFK and the Dominican airports.

Stay tuned for more Haiti posts.

Dress: Urban Outfitters; Sandals: Target; Cuff: H


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