Remember who you are!

Hope you’re well!

Today we headed out to Cap Haitien. Our destination is La Citadelle. This monument should be the 8th wonder of the world. Enjoy some of the sights on the road to the North!

A white top and navy bottom bring me back to my Catholic middle school uniform days. I am of course still a rebel without a cause, so I threw on my kaleidoscopic paint splatter sandals.

I’ll always be a silly girl.It wasn’t till I looked at the pics in Boston that I realized we made up the colors of the Haitian flag. Bleu et rouge.

Gorgeous water.

Rice on rice on rice. 10pts if you know which song I’m referencing.

Loved seeing all of the rice fields in Artibonite (largest area in Haiti).

Who knew Haiti had cacti?

I’m such a nerd, so I was excited at seeing such various plant life in Haiti.

Birthplace of Haitian Independence Gonaives, Haiti

One of my favorite Haitian monuments thus far.

I will definitely be taking my future children to see where we come from. Astounded, humbled and inspired by our history.

Descended from warriors, innovators & freedom fighters y’all.

Yum yum & some more yum!

After our long and arduous journey, food was needed. I ordered fried goat, rice and beans with fried plantain. The people in Au Cap are known for the love of cashews and their sing songy accent.

La familia.

Even far away from home, we represent. Jacmel baby!!

Is there a monument from your hometown that speaks to you?

T: Target; Shorts: Urban Outfitters; Sandals: Marshalls; Hat; Family Dollar


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