It’s All About the Ambiance

We went to Labadee Village today. It is a small town outside of Au Cap. There is a popular beach that cruise ships dock at when visiting Haiti, however that beach is closed off to the local Haitians. We went to another smaller beach. It was a really cool beach. Almost better than my hometown beach. They had Haitian oldies but goodies blasting on the radio, a very tranquil and green dining area and the water was so pretty. You could see the mountains and the town in the distance. Unfortunately my camera was misbehaving so I don’t have many pictures. I am still waiting on my pictures from my cousin’s friend. I will update when I get them.

We went on these motor canoes to get to the Village.

Notice how my legs are positioned. This is why I have my sunglasses on in the water. A swimmer I am not.

One of my cousin’s cool friends who I later found out is basically family.

Gorgeous view.

The cool friend is an artist. Au Cap was having an art exposition that night & he was designing clothes.

Don’t mind my peg leg stance.

Unfortunately my design got messed up in the crowd shortly after.

In the words of Ice Cube, Today was a good day (beware if you are sensitive to profanity).

Are you a good swimmer or do you make do by splashing around like me?

First outfit: Top: Urban Outfitters; Shorts: Target

Bikini: H&M

Second Outfit: Top: Sears; Shorts & Sandals: Target




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