La Citadelle

We woke up at 5:30am today. Um that’s inhumane! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I do NOT like to be woken up early. I love to sleep in. However I had to take one for the team today because we were venturing out to La Citadelle. The monument is located in Milot, a town outside of Au Cap. This is one of Haiti’s most well known monuments/historical feats/tourist attractions. It was built by Haiti’s first King, Henri Christophe. He had the monument constructed to fight off what he thought was an imminent French invasion. The French never came. Legend has it that King Christophe suffered a stroke and later shot himself with a silver bullet.

Sitting at the foot of royalty.

We secured a tour guide, got our transportation sorted out and headed up the mountainside to our destination.

Saddled up and ready to go.

My horse’s name is Kiki. Kiki must be ready for retirement, because he was as slow as molasses. Everyone and their momma left me in the dust.

I LOVE LOVE horseback riding.

“Behind mountains there are mountains” -Haitian proverb

Looks like something out of an ancient historical novel.

The view was just magnificent. So glad I was able to witness this awesome historical site for myself.

Made it to the top after an almost 2hr ride.

Canon ball!

Me & sissy.

I didn’t look down.

Being so high up in the mountains along with our position on top of the Citadelle was dizzying. This is definitely a must see when you visit Haiti.

*I didn’t include many pictures, because I am planning on doing an in-depth post on my Haiti blog.

Top & Shorts: Target; Shoes: Old Navy; Hat: Forever 21


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