It’s Only Monday

Hello world!!

I am back in town and being the social butterfly that I am, I couldn’t wait to hang out with my friends. I met up with a friend to chit-chat and catch up during my lunch break. We went to T.G.I.Fridays. Am I the only one that imbibes in a little adult juice during my lunch hour?

All looks, no substance.

I’m not a huge fan of restaurant chains, but I love Fridays for their super-duper cheap eats. They have lots of options and the portions are a good size.

Mmmm Mozzarella sticks!!

I’ve never had Korean bbq and I decided to try it. I should have taken the waitress’ advice and gone with another item. Whenever the wait staff tells you something isn’t popular, you should probably heed their warning. Such an underwhelming dish. Barely any beef and there wasn’t much flavor either.

Yo quiero tacos.


Are you a fan of chain restaurants, if so what are your favorite items on their menu?


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