Truth Tuesdays

Hello wonderful people. Hope you are all well. Let’s see, for my Truth Tuesday, I must confess that I am excited about life. I’m not sure if it’s because of my much needed vacation or what exactly. I just know that I feel hopeful and I’m eager to find out what lays ahead.

What about you, what is your truth for today?


9 thoughts on “Truth Tuesdays

  1. Today my truth is me realizing that I need to slow down. I had to leave work today due to a fierce migraine. But truth be told, I’ve been working on several projects with minimal rest. I got to do better.

    • Yes Ms. Fashion Pad! Self care is very important, I think that we as women are so busy trying to care for everyone else and get everything done that we often neglect ourselves. Kudos to you for noting that.

  2. I’m a little late, but my truth is realizing that not everyone has your best interests, emotions, and feelings in mind and it’s okay to realize this, accept this, and let it go.

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