I’ve Been Featured


I just had my very first feature y’all (shrieks & does an air kick)! Kinda exciting. The super sweet and multi-talented Rocquelle from Consider Me Lovely has a series called Your Body is Fabulous. I emailed asking her to feature me, and here is the post. I’d love if you could check it out.

So dear readers, any exciting news on your side of the globe? I’m meeting up with two of my girlfriends for dinner, so I’m stoked for that.


Personal Responsibility

Hope you all are well. Today’s post is about personal responsibility. Especially in relationships. Whenever a relationship be it familial, professional or romantic sours or ends negatively, I like to reflect and think about how my actions may have contributed to the dissolution of the relationship or what I could have done differently. I’m by no means a glutton for punishment, rather I strive to avoid making the same mistake over and over again. In theory I’m a huge fan of reciprocity, but I’ve come to realize that I’m an even bigger fan of treating people the way that I would like to be treated. I say all this to say that I need to find a harmonious way to fuse the two. Lately I’ve been feeling like I always end up with the short end of the stick. That’s never any fun.

How have you dealt with situations in which you feel taken advantage of or misled?

Truth Tuesdays


My truth for today is that I’m grateful for having enough common sense to not have done too many super crazy things in my life. Whenever I start leaning towards stupid, life has a way of reigning me back in. I won’t give myself too much credit though, my life is sometimes a “Groundhog Day” type of movie.


What’s your truth for today?



It’s Time for Carnival

Hello hello!

Today is Boston’s Annual West Indian Carnival. I had the opportunity to participate in the first annual Grimas Camp. I was super excited, because the  Haitian community has never had masqueraders dancing FOR Haiti before. There have been Haitian masqueraders with the Jamaican, Trinidadian and Bajan trucks, but we have never had official masqueraders before. I wanted to be among the first :), and I wanted to show my support. I’m notoriously known amongst my friends as an anti when it comes to carnival. I’ve just outgrown it. I would go and just be disappointed, weary and leave with aching feet. However, I’m also known as Ms. Haiti because I’m always supporting or promoting a Haitian event.

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Truth Tuesdays

My truth for today is that I’ve got awesome friends. They may not always express their love to me how I think they should, but this past week during all of my good and bad times they’ve supported me to the fullest. This past week in particular though, has reaffirmed what I already knew, that I’ve got a great group of folks in my corner. Love my homies!

Field of Dreams


Hello readers!!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. This week has been mucho calor (Spanish for hot). I am one of those people who thinks I’ll be cooler by wearing less clothes. Not true my friends, not true. I think our more modestly clothed friends have the right idea.

I have had these shorts FOREVER and a day, and I couldn’t find anything to pair them with. I settled on this yellow top, but it’s still not quite how I would like for it to look.



These sandals were for my mom but she said she thought it went better with my coloring. Once she saw them on she wanted them, but whomp whomp too late!



Sadly, summer is coming to an end. Although I’ll miss the sun, I won’t miss the sweating or how sticky I get. There has to be a city that has the right mix of sun and warmth. Once you find it, can you bottle it and send my way? Thanks in advance!

Top & Sandals: Marshall’s;  Shorts: H&M




Welcome to the MFA

Hello folks!!

Hope you are all having a great day. I went to the Museum of Fine Arts today. Wednesday evenings are free, and I am a huge fan of art and free, so it was a must for me to attend. Most of the exhibits are mainstays, but there were some new and cool ones sprinkled throughout the museum. Below are some of my favorites. Continue reading

Mai High of the Week


Mai high of the week could also be considered a low. However, I am choosing to look at the positives. Without going into too much detail, I am a huge procrastinator. I don’t discriminate, so my procrastination spills into just about every aspect of my life. This resulted in me being car-less for several days. I am taking this as a lesson in being a more responsible adult. This was a very humbling and embarrassing experience, but ideally I won’t be repeating this mistake again. So Mai high is being taught a valuable lesson in responsibility.

What’s you high of the week?