Truth Tuesday

Welcome back friends. My truth for today is that I’m afraid that I can’t love the way that I used to anymore. It’s as if the carefree giver of my heart that I once was no longer exists. That’s a very scary thought. I loved (for lack of a better word) the way I loved. I was the type to jump without checking to see if my mate would catch me. Now I walk with both feet firmly planted on the ground.


6 thoughts on “Truth Tuesday

    • I hope so. I think it’s just been hard to reconcile how I as an adult think I should view relationships & love and how I feel towards relationships and love. Thanks for commenting Nifesimi.

  1. I dont think Love ever stops being tricky. There’s always so much of yourself you have to put out there and you open yourself to hurt. I do think you’re right tho. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, maybe you should try something different. Maybe you’re going to be a little more cautious, just don’t close yourself off either…You don’t want the next person you meet to suffer for the sins of the others.

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