Welcome to the MFA

Hello folks!!

Hope you are all having a great day. I went to the Museum of Fine Arts today. Wednesday evenings are free, and I am a huge fan of art and free, so it was a must for me to attend. Most of the exhibits are mainstays, but there were some new and cool ones sprinkled throughout the museum. Below are some of my favorites.

Photobombing art

Swarovski crystals. This made me think of Mariah Carey.

These glass containers made me think of The Matrix. There aren’t as many bottles as you think. The back wall is a mirror.

This piece is made entirely out of the caps of glass soda bottles. I believe the artist is Ghanaian. 

I really liked this piece because it made me think of the Harlem Renaissance, and Black creativity and culture at its best.

How many takes does it take to get a shot that I like? (Sung to the tune of the Thong Song)

Of course I learned the embarrassing way, that patrons are not supposed to take pictures with their flash on. Apparently it messes with the paintings (insert eye roll, you need more people). Has anyone else heard about this before?

Are you into art, if so do you have a favorite piece or artist? Some of my favorites are Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, and Renoir’s Dance at Bougival.

Dress: Zara; Sandals: Old Navy


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