It’s Time for Carnival

Hello hello!

Today is Boston’s Annual West Indian Carnival. I had the opportunity to participate in the first annual Grimas Camp. I was super excited, because the  Haitian community has never had masqueraders dancing FOR Haiti before. There have been Haitian masqueraders with the Jamaican, Trinidadian and Bajan trucks, but we have never had official masqueraders before. I wanted to be among the first :), and I wanted to show my support. I’m notoriously known amongst my friends as an anti when it comes to carnival. I’ve just outgrown it. I would go and just be disappointed, weary and leave with aching feet. However, I’m also known as Ms. Haiti because I’m always supporting or promoting a Haitian event.

On to the event :). There were three sections for Grimas camp.

The past (which I represented):

photo credit: Smoov Plug

The present:

photo credit: Smoov Plug

The future:

photo credit: Smoov Plug

It was an exciting adventure, and I’m glad I was able to participate. Although this wasn’t on any sort of bucket list, I still think it’s good to do silly things while youthful folly is still on my side. Enjoy the pics!

Can’t be a stereotype without the proper props right?

wood nymphs?

Bumped into an old friend. Yes, I did ask if he was hot.

Pou le drapo.

My old middle school. Nostalgic.

Too beat to give a real smile. Party done for me.

Have you ever been to a carnival? What were your experiences?


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