Look Ma, no head

Good tidings readers!

Notice anything different around here? Like the fact that all of my pictures are headless today? This wasn’t intentional I swear. I was trying to do close up detailed shots, and the pics that are full body aren’t very clear. You all know what I look like anyways.

I love this plaid shirt. It reminds me of a picnic, which is mostly all about food. I love food. You see how a simple item like a shirt can bring so much joy to my life?

There goes that bracelet again

This outfit was like a no brainer. Plaid, denim slacks, and a pretty cognac brown pair of Pilgrimy shoes. Duh!

I look like a good little Pilgrim in my new shoes

I don’t wear jeans as much as I used to, but I seem to have accumulated a good amount of colored denim and denim slacks which is A ok by me. They will me my Fall staples when plain slacks just won’t do.

Do you have any Fall staples?

Shirt: Old Navy; Slacks: Gap; Shoes: Call it Spring


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