It’s Friday!

Hello Hello,

The Rebecca Black song popped in my head as I was writing this post. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it in it’s entirety though. Although I work in a very very casual workplace, I like to dress up and look like I’m going to work during the week. At least I hope it looks like I’m going to work. Fridays and sick days are the only days that I allow myself to be casual.

My casual usually consists of a top (I rarely wear t shirts) and jeans.

This top just might be a little too billowy for me, or I just need to buy a better camisole.

The colors on the blouse are so pretty and muted. Pale pinks and soft grays. Very romantic.

I seem to have a bird theme going on

Heads up: My camera is a goner, and I am using iPhoto until it’s fixed. Please bear with me. Thanks!

Top: Express; Jeans: F21; Shoes: Old Navy

Does you workplace observe casual friday, if so what does your casual friday outfits consist of?


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