Conversation Piece


I’m back with another work look. I must say that I really liked my outfit today. I’m a big fan of tailored dresses and high heels. I also firmly believe that adding a blazer to any outfit automatically makes it professional. I’m sure there are some exceptions to that rule, but so far it’s worked for me.

I used to love wearing eyeshot, and I fell off completely during the summer. I actually don’t wear much of any makeup during the summer. Now that the weather is cooler, I’m excited to be trying my hand at colorful lids again.

Love this necklace

I had a long talk with my supervisor about being caged/boxed in. I made an off hand comment about bird cages and we somehow started talking about relationships and perspectives. It’s always funny what becomes a conversation piece.

I am loving these babies. The leopard print, the bow on the back and the concealed platform! Goodness, they babies give me life. They’re also fine to walk in so that makes me even happier.


Blazer & Dress: H&M; Shoes: Nordstrom Rack


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