Flower Child


Hope you’re all well. This is what I wore to work today. I felt very hippie-ish in my hat and polka dot blazer, hence the title of this post. The only thing missing was a flower behind my ear.

Dark and brooding

Again, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures. My camera is on the fritz (I wonder where that word comes from. FYI i’m an etymology freak. I love the history of words). I’ve been taking my outfit pictures on my laptop.

Is it weird that as someone who takes copious pictures of themselves I don’t like when people comment a lot on my clothes and outfits. One would think that my coworkers would be used to my outfits by now. Hearing “Where do you think you’re going missy” and “Oh you must have a hot date” or “who are you trying to look cute for” gets annoying after a while. I mean really, is it ok if I look presentable? I’m not the jeans and sneakers/sweats type so that would be way out of my comfort zone. I also spend the majority of my day at work and then school so I choose to look like I care about my appearance. I believe in the adage (I refuse to say old adage, because it defeats the purpose); “If you look good, you feel good”.

Do your coworkers ever annoy you with incessant questions about your appearance or an article of clothing?

Blazer & Dress: Marshall’s; Hat: F21; Shoes: 344


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