Hello lovely people!

I’m back with a new post for my work outfit. I enjoy coming up with ways to challenge my work wardrobe so that I don’t become bored. Sometimes I put together a conservative look and other times I push the envelope. While writing this post, I was trying to figure out if my jacket is brocade, jacquard or another design altogether. If you know, please share the knowledge lol.

I got his jacket at a thrift store a year or so ago. I was nervous about the purchase, because it isn’t something that I would normally wear, however the few times that I have worn this jacket, I’ve felt so spiffy and ladylike. That means it was an awesome purchase in my book.

Love these loafers. I call them my Midas shoes (Greek mythology not auto body)

Midway through the day, I realized that I looked like a PTA mom.

Clearly I am not a morning person.

Do you dress with a theme/trend in mind or do you grab what ever catches your fancy?

Jacket: H&M; Cropped pants; Marshall’s; Loafers; Steve Madden via Marshall’s


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