Punching Dots


Happy Monday! I was at my wit’s end last night. I couldn’t settle on what to wear for work. I literally pulled a bunch of tops and bottoms from my closet. If people really knew how much time and energy went into my daily outfits they’d be surprised. 
I wasn’t feeling super creative with what I already had in my closet, so I scoped out my two new purchases. I don’t like to buy too many trendy pieces, because the trends don’t last long; however, stripes and polka dots are here to stay. So I figured, why not combine them?

These pants, (not sure what else to call them, as they’re not really denim but they’re not slacks either) are a two for oner. Oxblood/burgundy/wine/whatever name you want to call this deep red + polka dots + figure flattering stretchy pants = come home with me.

Love these nude flats, they go with everything and they’re super comfy.

Top & Pants: Marshall’s; Shoes: Old Navy; Necklace: Burkina Faso


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