Buffalo Soldier

Hello folks,

Fridays are the only days that I really allow myself to be dressed down for work. My idea of dressing down varies, it’s always based on my attitude and how much sleep I got the previous night. Nothing is comfier than an oversized slouchy t-shirt, leggings and ankle boots with a motorcycle jacket.

Let’s talk about my love for Robert Nestor Marley for a moment. I’ve been a fan since my parents came back from Jamaica and my father blasted his tunes every week. Like I love this man so much that I would have been in line to be wife #8. His, message, music and life have just touched millions. Let’s not forget how he introduced people to his country and culture.

Motorcycle jacket and motorcycle boots for the hog that I don’t have or plan on ever having. How you like them cookies?

Are you familiar with Bob Marley’s music, if so what are your favorites? Mine are Waiting In Vain, Africa UniteRedemption SongThree Little Birds; I basically love all of his work.

Jacket: TJ Maxx; Shirt: Walmart; Leggings: Marshall’s; Boots: Steve Madden


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