To The Market We Go

I went to the SoWa market with my friend C today. I’ve been wanting to go for awhile. I was running late as usual, but I always have time for pics.

Racks on racks of overpriced “boutique” clothing. I saw some nice pieces, but they were extremely overpriced, I can find the same things at Nordstrom Rack for much less.

I’m a sucker for accessories, but I’m on a spending freeze, so all I did was look. I have to purchase one of the bracelet racks/stands.

I love accessories!

Yes, I have a very crass sense of humor.

Me & my boo thing!

Haitian vodou flag artwork! We’re everywhere.

Although I was underwhelmed by the products being hawked, I did like the little shops hidden on the side streets.

Maybe I should take up knitting?

And we did!

Food trucks!! Too bad we had already eaten.

There’s always room for Italian ice.

C and I ended the day with thrifting, and furniture shopping. I rarely have time to hang with friends, so when I do see them I like to do as much as possible.

Have you been to an open air/farmer’s markets in your area? If so, what is your favorite part?


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