Fight the Power?

Hello, hello!

I don’t think people realize how many messages we convey based on our attire. All creatures send messages to each other throughout the day, These messages are overwhelmingly nonverbal. Whether we are aware of it or not, we tell others a lot about ourselves based on how we adorn our bodies. And the reason for the sociology lesson today you ask lol?

Well whenever I am low on time, I like to plan a no fuss outfit that can get me out of the door faster than you can say binder full of women. No fuss outfits generally consist of black or denim. Today was one of those no fuss days. I was tired and I had no interest in being creative. An all black ensemble was called for. I added the fuchsia shoes because it will be too cold to wear it in the coming weeks.

I wonder what message I’m conveying with my belt being undone?

I got the funniest comments from my coworkers about my outfit. Now for the most part, my coworkers either are oblivious or ignore my outfits, or they compliment it. However there are a few that offer unsolicited criticisms. Yesterday was no different, except for the cultural and racial connotations that folks felt they were getting from my outfit. I was told I looked like I was a black panther, a girl in the black power movement, female empowerment. You get the gist. I was amused, because that wasn’t the look that I was going for. I will say though, that I felt like Shaft when I was getting on the elevator with my leather jacket.

Do you have people randomly comment on your outfits? If so, what are some funny things that you have heard?

Turtleneck: Target; Skirt: H&M; Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Marhsalls


6 thoughts on “Fight the Power?

  1. One of my coworkers compliment my outfits almost everyday. It can get a little annoying sometimes because she’ll say things like: you must have a closet full of clothes, oh my goodness I wish I had such pretty clothes, or you’re always so put together. I am thankful for the compliments, but it gets a little tiring sometimes. Today her questions were about my hair, and how I got my ponytail a certain way! I could do without the oohhing and ahhing most days!

    • Lol, I can definitely understand that. I appreciate the compliments bt I could do without the “constructive” criticism. I think because they see that I am a little adventurous with my clothing choices that I am receptive to their opinions. Not true at all lol.

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