Animal in the Nude

Hello wonderful people!

Hope you’re faring well and staying stylish. I’ve surprisingly been having a good time shopping my closet. I’m not quite sure when I came to the realization that I have way more than enough clothes to last me for a while, save the super trendy pieces that are currently out (peplum, baroque, oxblood).A couple of months ago, Old Navy was having a sweater sale, and I scooped up several cardigans and sweaters. I am a sucker for cardigans. I feel like a cardigan always pulls a look together.

Will you believe that I was on the hunt for these nude shoes for what felt like eons, and then when I finally found them in my size, I’ve only worn them twice? C’est la vie of an overzealous shopper. Working on breaking those bad habits.

I loved the simplicity of this outfit. Simple, comfortable and chic. Sometimes the best outfits are the ones that aren’t fussy.

Cardigan & Shoes: Target; Denim pants: Gap Outlet; Tank top: H&M


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