Election Night 2012


So glad that the Election is finally OVAH!!! Here are some flicks from that night.

Happy people!!

It was such a great turnout. I didn’t go out four years ago, so I’m unsure what the emotions were like; but things tonight were at times tense, euphoric and nervous. I was so unnerved. Some say that I lacked confidence, but it was ridiculous how close it was at first.

Some new friends.

Excitement & cheers were heard all around

Things got real every time there was a CNN Projection. Cray, cray!

Happy Haitians

I had an awesome time chatting with folks and meeting new people. It’s funny because I’m not normally so outgoing with strangers. But for some reason tonight, I was on a roll.

I made a new friend 🙂

So the ladies and I were on a mingling mission all night

I had an awesome time, I love socializing with civic minded folks!


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