Out for Blood

Howdy folks!!                                                                                                                Another day of work over in my world. Since I have no choice but to go to work, I figure I might as well look and feel good while doing it. Although I don’t consider myself very adventurous when it comes to fashion, here and there I like to break the rules. Take for instance, the no white after Labor Day. I’m not sure who created it, or why, but it has no place in my life.

From my understanding, if white is worn, it needs to be “winter white”. I chose an ivory white that wouldn’t be too stark or harsh with the leopard print. I mean I am known for playing it safe after all.

I’ve been loving this plum lippie as well. I makes me feel so dark and mysterious.

Although I don’t like the weather, I’ve been having loads of fun with Fall fashion. So many possibilities.

Do you have anything that you’ve been dying to wear this Fall?

Duster: F21; Blouse; Love Culture; Pants: H&M; Shoes & Hat: UO


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