Tried and True

I don’t wear red often, but it is one of my colors. I think red (actually I think most deep colors are flattering) looks great with my coloring. I’ve also noticed that red, white and gray look great together. In fact I liked it so much I wore it in almost the exact same way. Check it out here. Why reinvent the wheel right?

DSCN6468 DSCN6475 DSCN6473 DSCN6471

What are some tried and true outfits or colors for you?

Blazer: H&M; Slacks: Gap Outlet; Top: Express; Shoes: Random Store


2 thoughts on “Tried and True

  1. That last pic is so cute! And I have the same blazer! 🙂 I also like deep, warm colors. And I love white in the summer, but whether it’s flattering on me is debatable!

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