Food Makes Me Happy

I currently volunteer as a conversation partner. Fancy title huh? I basically converse and do activities with ESL students in the hopes of helping them acclimate to American culture and  learn the language. I have two partners, one from Taiwan the other from South Korea. Both are very nice young ladies who I look forward to learning more about. We went to brunch at Masa on Sunday. I’ve been to Masa numerous times for tapas, but I’d never been there for brunch. They have a prixe fixe menu and that’s what we ordered from. Our starters included cornbread and another kind of bread with an assortment of spreads, jellies and jams. One even had jalapenos, quite tasty. DSCN6557  Continue reading


It’s Only Monday

Hello world!!

I am back in town and being the social butterfly that I am, I couldn’t wait to hang out with my friends. I met up with a friend to chit-chat and catch up during my lunch break. We went to T.G.I.Fridays. Am I the only one that imbibes in a little adult juice during my lunch hour?

All looks, no substance.

I’m not a huge fan of restaurant chains, but I love Fridays for their super-duper cheap eats. They have lots of options and the portions are a good size.

Mmmm Mozzarella sticks!!

I’ve never had Korean bbq and I decided to try it. I should have taken the waitress’ advice and gone with another item. Whenever the wait staff tells you something isn’t popular, you should probably heed their warning. Such an underwhelming dish. Barely any beef and there wasn’t much flavor either.

Yo quiero tacos.


Are you a fan of chain restaurants, if so what are your favorite items on their menu?

“I’m in the building and I’m feeling myself”

Back home and it feels so good. We (my sissy, cousin and his friends) headed to the beach today. It was a much needed reprieve from the heat, and the brutal car ride to  Jacmel. I’m not sure what it is but the way that Jacmel is positioned causes it to be extremely hot. Hotter than lots of other areas in Haiti. Luckily there are several beaches to cool down on. This beach is a favorite of mine. It’s Bain Raymond (Raymond Beach for folks unfamiliar with context clues).  There were lots of tourists on the beach today. The majority of them seemed to hail from Canada.

Cold beer, hot sun and salty ocean = relaxing in Jacmel

Love how these candids came out. I usually don’t like candids, but my sissy did good this time around.

Shot out to the South East (my part of town).

Have y’all noticed my tan? Whoa Nelly. I basically lived in the sun for the duration of this trip.

These goat shish kabobs were the BOMB.COM, ask somebody!

Perusing the handmade goodies for sale.

I was looking for some souvenirs for my girlies back home, but I didn’t like anything I saw.

Plotting & scheming, watch out world.

You have not had grilled fish until you have eaten red snapper on Bain Raymond. I have a vendor that I go to, but I don’t know her name yet. This is manna from the gods I tell you.

Lunch time.

Here’s a closer look.

Fried plantains and grilled red snapper with piklis (spicy slaw).

I don’t have any words to describe the slight salty flavor that is the plantain. Nor do I have any descriptors that would do justice to the citrusy, aromatic, tender, melt in your mouth with just a slight kick of spice that this fish exudes. Seriously folks this is a food orgasm. So  stunning that you’re afraid to touch but once you do, you have to fight the urge to devour it.   The punch from the crunchy cabbage, pungent onions and fiery essence of the scotch bonnet pepper rudely awakened me from my journey of ecstasy. I wiped my mouth, looked around nervously and waited for the flush to leave my cheeks.

Because I’m a silly goose.

Fun times!

By far my favorite!


Bikini top: Wet Seal; Bikini bottom: Aeropostale; Sarong: Banana Republic; Necklace: The Limited

Remember who you are!

Hope you’re well!

Today we headed out to Cap Haitien. Our destination is La Citadelle. This monument should be the 8th wonder of the world. Enjoy some of the sights on the road to the North!

A white top and navy bottom bring me back to my Catholic middle school uniform days. I am of course still a rebel without a cause, so I threw on my kaleidoscopic paint splatter sandals.

I’ll always be a silly girl.It wasn’t till I looked at the pics in Boston that I realized we made up the colors of the Haitian flag. Bleu et rouge.

Gorgeous water.

Rice on rice on rice. 10pts if you know which song I’m referencing.

Loved seeing all of the rice fields in Artibonite (largest area in Haiti).

Who knew Haiti had cacti?

I’m such a nerd, so I was excited at seeing such various plant life in Haiti.

Birthplace of Haitian Independence Gonaives, Haiti

One of my favorite Haitian monuments thus far.

I will definitely be taking my future children to see where we come from. Astounded, humbled and inspired by our history.

Descended from warriors, innovators & freedom fighters y’all.

Yum yum & some more yum!

After our long and arduous journey, food was needed. I ordered fried goat, rice and beans with fried plantain. The people in Au Cap are known for the love of cashews and their sing songy accent.

La familia.

Even far away from home, we represent. Jacmel baby!!

Is there a monument from your hometown that speaks to you?

T: Target; Shorts: Urban Outfitters; Sandals: Marshalls; Hat; Family Dollar

“It’s a Party, It’s a Party” pt 1

Hi you!

So, I don’t know if you folks know this, but I work two full-time jobs. One during the week and the other on the weekend. This basically translates as “I have NO life”. Well that all changed this weekend. I am officially on vacation from my weekend job. Today is my friend Cassandra’s birthday, and since she’s such an awesome person and a great friend to me, I thought that we (her friends & boo) should celebrate her by taking her out to dinner and party I’m a cool friend like that. Her boo and I plotted and schemed contacted her other friends and made reservations for dinner at Osaka. It is a hibachi/sushi Japanese restaurant. Basically they cook the food in front of you. Good times!

First there were 3

My friend Kim and I were the first to arrive. Whenever I am the first to arrive anywhere, I’m shocked. I have no concept of time and am always running late. We ordered drinks, because what better way to wait for the rest of your party then to drink? Chaya and her boo joined us, and of course we had to ham it up for the camera.

Drink 1

I’ve been told that Asian restaurants serve really strong drinks, and I never believed it until that night. Whoa! Those drinks were worth writing home, school and work about.

Free shot of a new drink the bar is testing out you say? Sure why not!

Then our bartender offered us a free shot of a concoction there were thinking of adding to the menu. Who am I to turn down a drink, I mean we were doing a public service by acting as guinea pigs, non?

No need to call an EMT, this is her surprised face.

I love a lot of different Asian cuisine; Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and sometimes Indian. However, in a guise to not be labelled that picky girl who doesn’t eat this or that (I really don’t care for most shellfish or pork dishes), and also because Kim and I were sharing plates, I okayed this dish below. No questions please, because I don’t have a coherent answer.

Don’t ask what this is, had I been sober I wouldn’t have eaten it.

I don’t remember what this J E L L O creation is either. Yet another inebriated culinary decision.

All I know is that the warm sake, sake bomb and vodka squirts washed it all down.

So they squirt vodka in your mouth as your food cooks! Here’s the birthday girl taking one to the head.

Aww to be young and in love 🙂

My girl’s boo who was instrumental in helping to set up her surprise dinner

Ooooh look at all the food!

If you’ve never had a sake bomb, you are missing out.

Sake bomb!! sake bomb!!

Mykal instructing the newbies on how a sake bomb works.

Note to self: Instruct hostess to put ice cream cake in the freezer, so that it doesn’t melt when your party is ready for dessert. In my defense, I’m pretty sure they left it out on the counter, because it wouldn’t have melted that quickly in the refrigerator.

A fool-proof way to blow out your candles without messing up your hair!

Come back for the 2nd part, that’s when we really get the party started.