Little Lady

I am a big heaping mess. I say that with all the love, affection and regard that I have for myself. I’m the type to spill food on my lap while eating with gutso. I trip and stumble all of the time. I get strange and unidentifiable stains on my clothes. I scuff my heels. The list goes on. But today ladies and maybe a gentleman. Today, I look like a lady.

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

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Making Do

Oh the joy of trying to be cute during wintertime in the Northeast. It is a very real challenge my friends. I am some one that will pick warmth over style 8/10. I am also a fan of layering. Not the cute just right kind either. Oh no, my layering consists of bulkiness and comfy boots with thick socks. I am working on it though and it helps that I am no longer a pedestrian.

I am a notorious layerer, but not the cute kind.

I am a notorious layerer, but not the cute kind.

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Tartan Plaid

For some reason I just can’t get away from plaid. I love plaid. I blame it on my many years as a Catholic school girl. I wore a plaid burgundy skirt that I always rolled up (don’t ask me why, we all did it even though it was an all girls school). While burning a hole through my pocket in my town’s pitiful excuse of a mall I stumbled upon this shawl. I actually spied it while going down the escalator 5 minutes before Sears closed. As soon as I put it on, I felt fancy! This baby was coming home with me.

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Food Makes Me Happy

I currently volunteer as a conversation partner. Fancy title huh? I basically converse and do activities with ESL students in the hopes of helping them acclimate to American culture and  learn the language. I have two partners, one from Taiwan the other from South Korea. Both are very nice young ladies who I look forward to learning more about. We went to brunch at Masa on Sunday. I’ve been to Masa numerous times for tapas, but I’d never been there for brunch. They have a prixe fixe menu and that’s what we ordered from. Our starters included cornbread and another kind of bread with an assortment of spreads, jellies and jams. One even had jalapenos, quite tasty. DSCN6557  Continue reading

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


Hello, hello, hello,

My apologies for the random half body shots. My camera was dying I had a super crazy morning. My car wouldn’t start, I attempted to fix the situation myself but it must have been 8 degrees outside and I was too cute & cold to walk or wait for a bus. So I eventually used my noggin and called AAA. The pics are a result of me trying to take pics as soon as I got home.

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