Heart of an Ox

Well look what we have here. I’m wearing burgundy/maroon/oxblood again. Whenever I notice myself drawn to a particular color, I toy with the idea of making a week of it. My attention span is way too short for that sort of commitment, so you’ll just have to settle for these shots.

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Making Do

Oh the joy of trying to be cute during wintertime in the Northeast. It is a very real challenge my friends. I am some one that will pick warmth over style 8/10. I am also a fan of layering. Not the cute just right kind either. Oh no, my layering consists of bulkiness and comfy boots with thick socks. I am working on it though and it helps that I am no longer a pedestrian.

I am a notorious layerer, but not the cute kind.

I am a notorious layerer, but not the cute kind.

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Which Love Language Do You Speak

I am a lover. I enjoy the quiet moments where he and I are just being. Our breaths are in sync and our minds are in tune. I like to express my love to mine by telling him how great he is and by making myself available to him and filling him up on my abundant energy. I love how I’d like to be loved but unfortunately life has a way of letting me know that it really isn’t about me (can you believe that?). Of course if I love how I’d like to be loved then in return he loves how he wants to be loved. Sounds fine and dandy right? Well it’s great unless you both do not love the same way. Then the conflict arises because if he’s not supporting me how I’d like to be supported and if he’s not telling me that I can conquer the world and if he’s not nourishing my spirit and feeding my soul then I don’t feel the love that I need. Now hold on, don’t start saying to yourself “Marie, you are too picky, too demanding, you require too much”. There is some truth to what I’m saying. It’s called 5 Love Languages. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 love languages. We all express our love in different ways, and how we love others is often how we want to be loved in return. The 5 languages are quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service and receiving gifts. Check out the website for more information on each love language and take a quiz to find out which love language you speak. Even before taking the quiz, I was sure that my primary language was words of affirmation. I need to hear that I am doing well, that I’m enough, that I’m capable, loveable and that it may hurt now, but I will get through it. That is how I know you’re in my corner and that I am loved. I also knew that it’s important and vital (in all of my relationships) for me to spend quality time with my partner. I’m a bit of a know it all fyi. Learning about the 5 love languages was such a huge breakthrough for me. Everything clicked, and I got a better understanding of my previous relationships. Why we didn’t work out, what I needed to do to become a better me and what I needed to let go of. So run, don’t walk to your nearest computer and read about the love languages, take the quiz and talk to your partner and hopefully things will make more sense for you. I’ve been telling everyone and their supervisor about the 5 love languages.

Which love language do you think you speak?

Tartan Plaid

For some reason I just can’t get away from plaid. I love plaid. I blame it on my many years as a Catholic school girl. I wore a plaid burgundy skirt that I always rolled up (don’t ask me why, we all did it even though it was an all girls school). While burning a hole through my pocket in my town’s pitiful excuse of a mall I stumbled upon this shawl. I actually spied it while going down the escalator 5 minutes before Sears closed. As soon as I put it on, I felt fancy! This baby was coming home with me.

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Food Makes Me Happy

I currently volunteer as a conversation partner. Fancy title huh? I basically converse and do activities with ESL students in the hopes of helping them acclimate to American culture and  learn the language. I have two partners, one from Taiwan the other from South Korea. Both are very nice young ladies who I look forward to learning more about. We went to brunch at Masa on Sunday. I’ve been to Masa numerous times for tapas, but I’d never been there for brunch. They have a prixe fixe menu and that’s what we ordered from. Our starters included cornbread and another kind of bread with an assortment of spreads, jellies and jams. One even had jalapenos, quite tasty. DSCN6557  Continue reading

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


Hello, hello, hello,

My apologies for the random half body shots. My camera was dying I had a super crazy morning. My car wouldn’t start, I attempted to fix the situation myself but it must have been 8 degrees outside and I was too cute & cold to walk or wait for a bus. So I eventually used my noggin and called AAA. The pics are a result of me trying to take pics as soon as I got home.

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