My Birth Story pt 1

This is part one of my birth story. It’s pretty lengthy, but well worth the read :).

I was “due” December 6, 2013, but I never believed that my lovebug would make an appearance that early. I assumed that she would make her way out the 9th, 10th or 11th . When December 6th came and went, my midwife scheduled me for an ultrasound and a nonstress test for Friday December 13th. This was to make sure that the baby’s heart rate was fine and that everything was going well developmentally, as well as ensuring that there was enough amniotic fluid as the baby continued to grow. My plan all along had been to give birth at the Birth Center but it looked as if baby and I had different plans. Per Birth Center policy, I wouldnt be able to give birth there if I went to 42 weeks and a day. I could either elect to give birth at the hospital or I could be induced. So being the control freak that I can sometimes be am, I allowed my midwife to schedule me to be induced.

On Friday, December 13th I made my way to Cambridge Hospital for the two exams. I was having infrequent contractions all day. Although they weren’t painful and nothing to call home over, I knew my lovebug would be making an appearance either that night or the next morning. I also knew that I didn’t want to have a Friday the 13th baby. The nonstress test consists of having a band attached to the belly and it monitors the baby’s heart rate. The person administering the test could tell whenever I would have a contraction because of the changes in my love’s heart rate. Ideally, they want to see that the heart rate fluctuates, that is a sign of a healthy and thriving fetus. The ultrasound was uneventful as well. That past weekend I decided against being induced because I felt like I would be doing it for all of the wrong reasons. Neither my nor the baby’s health was in danger and yet I was willing to endure an invasive (although pretty moderate intervention) so that I could have the birth experience that I wanted. I kept telling my belly that it better find it’s way out so that we could do a nice mellow birth that didn’t include a hospital visit.

Later that day, as I was ensconced in my apartment, I attempted to take a nap but the excitement was too much. Around 11pm the contractions became pretty strong but they were still far enough apart that there wasn’t a clear pattern. I know this because I attempted to track my contractions on the contraction app that I downloaded. Around 12ish things began to pick up even more. The contractions were getting stronger and I just wanted to curl into a ball and sleep it away, but alas that wasn’t an option. I can’t say the contractions were painful, they were just intense. It felt like really bad cramps that kept coming over and over again. I was managing the discomfort by walking and swaying whenever a contraction came over me. I also did my version of a birth dance by dropping it low and whining my hips when a contraction came. While attempting to track my contractions I felt the urge to move my bowels. Things were starting to get serious. Then the delicious soup that I ate earlier that day made it’s way up my throat. Not once, not twice, but three times. The third time happened when I went to move my bowels for the second time that night. There’s nothing like sitting on a toilet and then having to turn to vomit in the sink. Good times folks. Good times. I realized at this point that I was in transition. It basically means that I was in active labor and things were really picking up. At this point I thought to call the nurse midwife on call to let them know that I was currently in labor. As luck would have it (sarcasm) the midwife didn’t think I was in active labor because I sounded too calm, so she suggested I call back in a few hours or when the contractions were much closer together and I didn’t feel that I could labor at home any longer. Yeah, um I’m not the hysterical type and I knew what to expect, at least in the general sense; so I was pretty calm. My mother and the dad on the other hand weren’t taking things so well. According to them I was pushing it because we should’ve been en route to the Birth Center already, lest I have the baby at home.

I called the Birth Center for the second time around 2am. The contractions were now coming back to back and I knew we needed to hightail it out of Brockton because the baby wanted to make its entrance. Once again the midwife was unconvinced that I was actually in active labor but she relented and said that we could head on in. Keep in mind that I live in Brockton, which is South and we were heading to Cambridge which is North I believe. I waddled to the bathroom one last time before I was to become a mom. Upon wiping, I saw that I was bleeding. Yay!! The highly anticipated bloody show (bloody mucus that was covering the cervix during pregnancy) that I learned about made an appearance. It was on like Donkey Kong!

Stay tuned for part two.