The Secret Garden

Hello wonderful readers,

Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Life for me is busy as usual. I am eagerly anticipating winter break. School will be out and I am taking a trip out of the country. More on that later. I can say though, that I am super psyched and this trip will be to a country that I’ve wanted to visit for years.

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“Bright sunshiny day”

Welcome, welcome. How goes it?

Today was an interesting day. I woke up craving some Haitian beef patties and akasan/AK100 which is a cornmeal milkshake aka creamy goodness! What better way to start your day then with your favorite foods?

I never quite know what to do with my legs when posing lol. #stylebloggerwoes

I LOVE this shirt. I got it from Banana Republic on sale of course. The material is so awesome and the stripes are beyoutiful! I love stripes. It also fits me really well.

Trying to invest in quality items

Oh and what about these jeans? Yes they are as bright in person. I was pretty slow jumping on the colored denim train, but now I’m a huge proponent. I wanted these jeans so badly that I bought them even though they are two sizes too big. I did try to shrink them in the dryer but it still gapes a bit at the waist.

Have you ever purchased an item of clothing knowing that it would’nt fit, but you were determined to make it work anyway oh so y’all are gonna act like I’m the only one?

Shirt:Banana Republic; Jeans: Delia’s; Shoes: Old Navy