Little Lady

I am a big heaping mess. I say that with all the love, affection and regard that I have for myself. I’m the type to spill food on my lap while eating with gutso. I trip and stumble all of the time. I get strange and unidentifiable stains on my clothes. I scuff my heels. The list goes on. But today ladies and maybe a gentleman. Today, I look like a lady.

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

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Heart of an Ox

Well look what we have here. I’m wearing burgundy/maroon/oxblood again. Whenever I notice myself drawn to a particular color, I toy with the idea of making a week of it. My attention span is way too short for that sort of commitment, so you’ll just have to settle for these shots.

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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


Hello, hello, hello,

My apologies for the random half body shots. My camera was dying I had a super crazy morning. My car wouldn’t start, I attempted to fix the situation myself but it must have been 8 degrees outside and I was too cute & cold to walk or wait for a bus. So I eventually used my noggin and called AAA. The pics are a result of me trying to take pics as soon as I got home.

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Hijinks & Shenanigans

Hi wonderful people!!

I went with some friends to see some comedy last night. I had such a chill fun time. I love low key events like that. The show was hosted at a local restaurant that I have been known to frequent in the past. The line up was ok but the hosts were a riot.

Mmm tis the season to get in the spirit

Mmm tis the season to get in the spirit

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