Little Lady

I am a big heaping mess. I say that with all the love, affection and regard that I have for myself. I’m the type to spill food on my lap while eating with gutso. I trip and stumble all of the time. I get strange and unidentifiable stains on my clothes. I scuff my heels. The list goes on. But today ladies and maybe a gentleman. Today, I look like a lady.

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

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Making Do

Oh the joy of trying to be cute during wintertime in the Northeast. It is a very real challenge my friends. I am some one that will pick warmth over style 8/10. I am also a fan of layering. Not the cute just right kind either. Oh no, my layering consists of bulkiness and comfy boots with thick socks. I am working on it though and it helps that I am no longer a pedestrian.

I am a notorious layerer, but not the cute kind.

I am a notorious layerer, but not the cute kind.

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School Pride


Hope you’re doing well and enjoying or at least trying to enjoy this fall weather. So far so good on my end. I haven’t really been cold, which is good because I stink at layering. I end up looking like a busted can of cookie dough. I have been running even later than usual so I don’t have any unfocused Photobooth pictures for you all. However I do snap the occasional pic in the bathroom at work. You’re welcome 🙂

I took out the Senegalese twists.

I am in love with my cowrie shell necklace from Burkina Faso. Like in love I tell you.

Whose school colors am I rocking?

My top is a burnt orange, not red. A friend of mine thought that I was repping Haiti colors, but that is not so. I do feel as if I’m repping hard for someone’s school. I don’t know whose colors are orange and blue, but Go Team! These pictures don’t do the outfit justice. I was really cute on Tuesday I swear. I have some exciting news to share, but I wanna hold off until it’s confirmed.

Any interesting things going on in your world?

 Blouse & Belt: Old Navy; Skirt: H&M

It’s Friday!

Hello Hello,

The Rebecca Black song popped in my head as I was writing this post. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it in it’s entirety though. Although I work in a very very casual workplace, I like to dress up and look like I’m going to work during the week. At least I hope it looks like I’m going to work. Fridays and sick days are the only days that I allow myself to be casual.

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